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Restore your health with support from expert practitioners.

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It’s frustrating when pain or injury stops you from enjoying life.

Missing out on favorite activities

Slower recovery time

Worsening existing injuries

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Where To Start

1) Book Online

Easy booking with daytime, evening and Saturdays available. 


2) Get Expert Care 

Benefit from treatments that address the root cause.


3) Thrive!

Enjoy a ‘body in health’ with a team of practitioners who care.


Get complete care from a trusted team of experts.

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Enjoy an active lifestyle without pain.


Feel comfortable in your body.


Be confident in knowing a team of experts has your back.

What makes us experts?

Meet Our Team

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Chiropractor ART Provider

Dr.Carla Inoque



Meredith Cossitt

23113213597-271356 (1).jpg

Manual Osteopath

Alana McDaid


Registered Massage Therapist

Melinda Baldwin

Patient Feedback

Mick Phelan

“I had been experiencing some lower back pain. After the first session with Dr.Carla, I felt a release and improvement in motion immediately.”

Michael Bauman

“Recently, my back went berserk! I was in extreme pain. Melinda listened and took action. It's been two treatments and my back pain is much improved.”

Marcio Da Silva

“I am a runner and had been feeling tension in my pelvic area for many months. Not only is the tension gone, but Dr.Carla provided exercises to prevent it from returning.”

“Melinda is the best to handle my continued aches and pains. Clinic staff are very professional and welcoming.”

Unsure about whether we’re right for you? 

Check out our Newsletter / Blogs and gain a grasp of our expertise.

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