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Chiropractic care can address pain reduction, neuro-muscular injury, postural tension and improve range of motion. 

Services offered:

Functional assessment

Active Release Technique®


Manual and instrument adjusting

Physical Therapy (Ultrasound)

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Foot Massage

Chiropody treats foot pain and disorders of the feet. Ranging from heel pain, arch pain, bunions and diabetic foot care, patients of all ages can find the assistance they need.

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Services offered:

Custom-made orthotics


Callous, corns and bunions

Routine foot care

Diabetic foot care

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Registered Massage Therapy

Massage is a technique based on the manipulation of soft tissue. It can provide pain relief, stress alleviation as well as increase immune response and joint mobility.

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Services offered:

Relaxation massage


Sports massage

Lymphatic drainage

Pregnancy massage

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Head Massage


The main goal of osteopathy is to improve the function of the body’s nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic system.Tension in the body is released through gentle, non-invasive hands-on techniques. 

Services offered:

Cranio sacral therapy

Visceral manipulation


Fascial treatment

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