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3 Ways a Good Shoe is Like a Good Foot...

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Now that the nicer weather is finally here it’s a great time to get outdoors! If you are looking for a new walking shoe, here are 3 features to look for, that are inspired by the way the foot works naturally.

1. Cushion for the heel

A healthy foot contains a fat pad under the heel to provide shock absorption when the heel hits the ground at the beginning of each step (heel strike). A good walking shoe has cushion under the heel. Sorry, high heels weren’t made for walking.

2. Stability in the arch

A healthy foot does not collapse in the arch when the foot is flat on the ground and all the weight of the body is on the one leg (midstance). A good walking shoe does not bend in half in the middle, but is stable. If you can bend your shoe in half in the middle … it is not meant for walking.

3. Flexibility in the forefoot

As a healthy foot progresses through each stride it needs to bend so the weight can be transferred to the other foot (toe off). A good walking shoe is designed to bend at the forefoot to help propel the walker forward. Some shoes have grooves specifically added to the sole to help with this flexion.

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